About Us

Our Story

In 2015 GA Carpentry was born, a team who initially was simply a company who provided carpentry services for custom homes. Then, the company was literally birthed through the passion for carpentry. Coupling his degree in engineering, and his vast experience in project management for big projects, Gustavo Almeida the founder of GA Carpentry, began his legacy! In the first year there was only him and an assistant. Over time, his passion for carpentry, his project management and quality control abilities unified and the company was incorporated in a short period of time, becoming what is now known as GA Construction Group.

As we know the importance of the final delivery of a product/project of quality, we feel the need to expand our carpentry company in order to attend to all the outdated areas and those that lacked quality. These areas in turn, compromised the final quality of our carpentry that is of high standard”

And so, more divisions of the company were born.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​